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Sabbat - Den of Fiends starter deck

Sabbat - Den of Fiends starter deck

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CRYPT CARDS [12]2 America Johnson (NEW)1 Dr. Morrow, The Skindoctor1 Duality1 Ilias cel Frumos2 Lady Vadislava (NEW)2 Ludmijla Rakoczy2 Rurik Rakoczy (NEW)1 Yuri KerezenskiLIBRARY CARDS [77 cards]Master [11]1 Channel 101 Fame1 Library Hunting Ground1 The Rack1 Smiling Jack, The Anarch1 Sudden Reversal2 Vessel3 VilleinAction [5]4 Deep Song1 Under SiegeRetainer [2]2 Raven SpyEquipment [3]1 Bowl of Convergence1 Heart of Nizchetus1 Living ManseAction Modifier [4]4 ChangelingCombat [25]3 Breath of the Dragon5 Carrion Crows6 Chiropteran Marauder4 Horrid Form4 Inner Essence3 Telepathic TrackingReaction [26]4 Enhanced Senses4 Eyes of Argus4 On the Qui Vive4 Precognition4 Read the Winds4 Spirit’s Touch2 Telepathic MisdirectionEvent [1]1 Dragonbound


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