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Sabbat - Pact with Nephandi starter deck

Sabbat - Pact with Nephandi starter deck

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CRYPT CARDS [12]5 Antonio d’Erlette1 Ember Wright1 Frondator1 Janine1 Keith Moody1 Lectora1 Mosfair1 Saiz


LIBRARY CARDS [77]Master [13]1 Dreams of the Sphinx1 Fame2 Frontal Assault1 KRCG News Radio2 Sudden Reversal1 University Hunting Ground3 Vessel2 Wider View


Action [9]6 Computer Hacking3 Harass


Ally [10]1 Carlton Van Wyk1 Gregory Winter8 Nephandus

Action Modifier [9]3 Conditioning6 Mirror Walk


Combat [18]3 Glancing Blow3 Molotov Cocktail3 Rego Motus3 Target: Vitals3 Theft of Vitae3 Trap


Reaction [17]3 Deflection2 Delaying Tactics2 Eagle’s Sight2 Enhanced Senses2 Eyes of Argus6 On the Qui Vive


Event [1]1 The Unmasking


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