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First Blood - Nosferatu mazo de demostración

First Blood - Nosferatu mazo de demostración

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Mazo de demostración - First Blood: Nosferatu

56 cartas

Clan Nosferatu are horrors, grotesquely deformed by the Embrace. They hide in shadows and underground darkness, commanding animals as spies and allies in battle.

 This deck is all-round – it has stealth to land key actions with precision, a strong reaction module and a brutal Animalism combat package.


Crypt: (6 cards)

1 Beetleman

1 Benjamin Rose

1 Gustaphe Brunnelle

1 Harold Tanner

1 Jeremy ‘Wix’ Wyzchovsky

1 Petra


Library: (49 cards)

1 Animalism

3 Blood Doll

1 Fame

1 Labyrinth, The

1 Powerbase: Montreal

1 Slum Hunting Ground


3 Ambush

1 Army of Rats

3 Computer Hacking

1 J. S. Simmons, Esq.

1 Laptop Computer

2 Raven Spy


3 Cloak the Gathering

3 Lost in Crowds


6 Aid from Bats

5 Carrion Crows


3 Cats’ Guidance

3 Forced Awakening

3 Guard Dogs

2 Instinctive Reaction

2 On the Qui Vive


1 rules reference card


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