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Heirs to the Blood mazos de cartas

Heirs to the Blood mazos de cartas

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Heirs to the Blood

Idioma: inglés.

Disponibles 2 paquetes diferentes de cartas Heirs to the Blood.

 Cada paquete contiene 120 cartas.


Heirs to the Blood 1
CRYPT CARDS:BAALI2 Annazir2 Arishat3 Horde, The2 unnamed, The2 Xeper, Sultan of LepersBLOOD BROTHERS2 Danylo2 Gavrylo2 Kyrylo2 Pavlo2 VoloGARGOYLES2 Chaundice2 Fustuk2 Grotesque2 Rusticus2 MalachaiHARBINGERS OF SKULLS2 Alcoan2 Byzar2 La Viuda Blanca2 Mordechai Ben-Nun2 NicomedesNAGARAJA2 Anu Diptinatpa2 Asguresh2 Jozz2 Veejay VinodSAMEDI2 Angel Chavarria2 Baroque2 Brigitte Mandisa2 Josette2 Morlock1 ToyCrypt cards subtotal: 60LIBRARY CARDS:2 As the Crow1 Blessed Resilience2 Brick by Brick1 Cavalier2 Clockwerx2 Decompose2 Dive Bomb1 Ensconced2 Flames of the Netherworld2 Foldable Machine Gun2 Groaning Corpse2 Hay Ride3 Hive Mind1 Hunger Moon2 I Am Legion1 Infernal Servitor2 Lead Fist2 Momentary Delay2 Off Kilter2 Oppugnant Night1 Path of Service, The2 Pressing Flesh2 Raw Recruit1 Rising, The1 Ritual Scalpel1 Shaal Fragment3 Shatter the Gate2 Slake the Thirst2 Tend the Flock2 Thicker Than Blood2 Under My Skin1 Veneficti2 Wider View2 Voices of the CastleLibrary cards subtotal: 60Grand total: 120

Heirs to the Blood 2
CRYPT CARDS:AHRIMANES2 Darlene Killian2 Dovey Ebfwe2 Helen Fairchild2 Sahana2 Sylvie HelgonDAUGHTERS OF CACOPHONY2 Evil Jensen2 Harlan Graves2 Hillanvale2 Janet Langer2 Scout YoungwoodKIASYD2 Arcadian, The2 Greer Worder2 Isanwayen2 Myrna Goldman2 NitidasSALUBRI2 Obaluaye2 Matthew2 Nahum Enosh2 Serenna the WhiteSALUBRI ANTITRIBU2 Ariel2 Azrael2 Qawiyya el-Ghaduba2 Silas2 UrielTRUE BRUJAH2 Al-Muntathir, God’s Witness2 Lydia, Grand Praetor2 Mikael Birkholm2 ShalmathCrypt cards subtotal: 56LIBRARY CARDS:2 Ailing Spirit, The1 Amulet of Temporal Perception1 Benefit Performance1 Black Beast, The1 Blessing of the Beast2 Charge of the Buffalo1 Cheat the Fates1 Code of Samiel1 Command Performance1 Dabbler2 Dagger2 Death Seeker1 Draeven Softfoot2 Ears of the Hare2 Faerie Wards1 Fanfare For Elysium2 Gift of Sleep1 Great Symposium2 Gremlins1 Harmony2 Hide the Heart1 Joumlon’s Axe1 Journal of Hrorsh1 Lily Prelude2 Lord of Serenity2 Loving Agony1 Member of the Entourage2 Mole’s Tunneling2 Morphean Blow1 New Moon Sigil2 Outside the Hourglass1 Path of Harmony, The2 Penitent Resilience2 Pocket Out of Time2 Safe Passage1 Scarlet Lore4 Shattering Crescendo2 Spirit Claws1 Tinglestripe1 Vaticination2 Virtuosa1 VisionquestLibrary cards subtotal: 64



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